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American Resorts Association
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 27 reviews
by Anthony B. on American Resorts Association

We have been arranging our own vacations, with what we thought was with great success. Since Robert at your reservation office started arranging our cruises we are really saving money. Robert has replied to every request for information quickly, and in a friendly professional manner. We are looking forward to dealing with him again."

by Karen on American Resorts Association

Jennifer at American Resorts Association,

That cruise on the Norwegian Dawn was so nice. The bad thing was I gained 5 pounds LOL. Seriously it was so nice that you got us an upgrade to a balcony that was unlike any other cruise we ever went on. You and your company really show passion about your work and it really comes across. When we speak it is like talking to a friend. Will be calling you to book a week in Cabo. My husband has a bucket list dream to catch a Marlin. Our friend tells us that Summer is the best time to fish so we are going to Mexico.
Great work Jen

by Donna on American Resorts Association

Hello Angie,

When we joined a few years back we were a little skeptical. Since then we have traveled more than ever. We booked 5 vacations, four for my husband and myself and 1 for our children so they could have some alone time and we can play with our Grandchildren. I really like the fact that the condos have full kitchens since we like to do 3 generation trips and our whole family is picky eaters. So having the ability to make meals that everyone likes is a huge plus. The last resort we stayed at had more than 8 pools. Not a problem finding our own special spot to hang out and enjoy.

Angie, you really are the best you have our notes and our preferences of what we like and nail it all the time. I would tell all my friends that ARA is the real deal. Thank you for making a difference in our lives.

by Janet and Vern H on American Resorts Association

Dear Amy,
Thank you so much for helping us get that condo in Puerto Vallarta Mexico. It was not what we were expecting. We thought it would be a regular resort. This was a mega resort with multiple swimming pools, all kinds of activities. The grandkids painted there own little clay vases and sunshine faces. It was the best resort we ever experienced. I would have to say that American Resorts and its association with these award-winning resorts made our whole year. My husband and I can't remember having a three generation vacation in such a beautiful resort. Those are great memories; we will cherish forever. You were so patient with me and made the booking process so easy. Thanks again.


by Bob on American Resorts Association

This is Bob I am standing on my lanai looking over the wonderful Pacific Ocean here in Kauai and I have to tell you, this is the most perfect place. We are at the Pono Kai in Kauai, HI. We have the very best room, everything is just perfect. This is the best of the best of the best. Of all the resorts we stayed in this is just so perfect. We do love Hawaii. Thank you, thank you, thank you Rick for helping us because this is just wonderful.

by Judy S. on American Resorts Association

After nearly two years of owning the membership, we finally decided to use it! I’m so glad we got you! I am not computer literate at all, however you patiently explained everything and booked 2 amazing deals for us; one of which was a $399 Value Week! Booking with you has been a wonderful experience. I’m so glad we didn’t back out of this Travel Club as we initially wanted to do after buying. I will definitely be calling you again very soon!
Thank you,

by James on American Resorts Association

Ava - you are the Bomb! Thanks so much for getting us squared away so quickly. The CC card “swap” shows as complete. Like I said – GREAT first impressions… can’t wait to start traveling with you guys and sending referrals along after the experience. BIG hey to Thomas too!

Have a Joyous Day!

by Susanne on American Resorts Association

To Avy's Boss,

This is to let you know how great I think Avy is. She was such a big help to me when setting up my first big adventure. It was a month ago, but every time I think of my trip I think of Avy and how much fun it was just talking to her. Maybe you will understand more about this Alabama old lady when I tell you my phone is a Jitterbug. My husband died on Jan. 18th, so this is the first time out after taking care of him for a lot of years that I’ve been able to go on vacation, and Avy made the experience very easy and fun.

Thanks again for Avy,

by John and Sue G. on American Resorts Association

Dear Farrah,
We sincerely appreciate all the excellent service you gave to us in helping us to secure a condo in Florida. You were very much real help to us. Your attention to detail and follow up was encouraging. We would intend to keep our American Resorts Association or ARA membership if this kind of service can be expected in the future. Please feel free to pass this on to any of your supervisors, as you are a real asset to their organization. We hope to work with you again in the future.
John and Sue G.

by Richard on American Resorts Association

Now that was impressive!. Thank you for updating my email address so quickly. I love my membership and the support that ARA provides. The support division still amazes me even after 7 years! I can't wait to share my experience yet again. Have a great day!

by Eli & Naomi L. on American Resorts Association

Hi Micheal we returned from our Cruise, it was fabulous !!. Everything was really wonderful, the arrangements, the Ship, the stuff, the Excursions, we enjoyed it very much.
since it was our first experience cruising, probably we'll consider one more, and actually, might be that we'll try to go on a cruise from Barcelona along the shores of the Mediterranean, towards Athens/Piraeus and from there back Home, but this is an Idea, on which we still need to think about, are there any cruises like this?
again, thanks for your professionalism and excellent services

by Betty Jean C. on American Resorts Association

I will be spending Easter with my family in Kelowna at one of our Resorts in a 3 bedroom condo for 7 days all for $475Yes that is correct $475)

by Brenda and John R Brampton Ontario on American Resorts Association

We own three timeshares all of them we use and go there every year. We have friends we have met that go when we go, so it works great for us. Others feel it is a nightmare. This membership with American resorts association has given us the same privileges and much more with other options like cruises and such for a much lower price. The funny thing is we stayed for an extra week at the home resort that we own a timeshare at for cheaper with American, so we are super happy.

by Stacy J from Dallas TX on American Resorts Association

I called around early December to book a week in Cancun. But all flights were booked, they did mention that they had alternatives and still was able to go on vacation over the holidays. Just not Cancun, as I wanted, but I guess the lesson learned.

by Charlie and Maggie P from Seattle WA on American Resorts Association

We booked our first vacation in 10 years.. Raising kids made it hard to travel, and staycations seemed the way to go. Now we can drive 4 to 6 hours to a resort that has all the amenities, and it works out to around $75.00 per night. The best part it is like having your own second home without the upkeep or obligations. We have friends that have a summer retreat, and they are always having issues. This works for us. Pack go and leave and then plan the next adventure.

by Lance and Janice Memphis TN on American Resorts Association

We have traveled quite a bit, and now we joined this American resorts association..After doing some research, we found that it allowed us to get better deals on quite a few things we like. Cruises and resorts are our main vacations. We love the all-inclusive resorts and found they had prices that are lower than most internet sites. I really see us using this in many different ways we plan on taking a two-month trip, and they can get us condos here and there. So we will now travel more and stay in style no more roadside motels.

by Stacey and Freddy F Nashville TN on American Resorts Association

We decided to give American resorts association a try. The first thing we did was pick someplace close to home so we had our car and could use it for sightseeing. The booking part was easy; we phoned got one of the services reps was with a very nice gentleman who found us something in Branson Missouri. The resort was recently remodeled and was not what we expected. It was more on the 5-star side and had a beautiful living room and separate bedrooms for the children and a lovely big kitchen. Our children are fussy eaters, and my husband has diabetes so to have food that everyone likes were a plus. I do admit that I don't miss the RV. This works out to be cheaper for a lot more space and comfort.


by Lindsey F Dallas TX on American Resorts Association

After reading some negative reviews, it kind of scared us thinking we made a mistake. My husband just retired, and now we have the time to travel. We booked our first trip to Destin Florida. We drove down from Dallas, and it was nice to arrive at a resort that was at least 4 or 5 stars. The resort staff was accommodating always saying hi how are you. The pools were only steps from the condo, and the resort was right on the beach. It would seem that people are quick to trash a membership they never used. We can stay all over the world cheaper than an Air BNB and also have security at the resort. We felt safe, and the resort was beautiful. What more could you expect? Also kudos to the staff for being very patient since we could not decide that quickly and they did not lose patience.

by Anonymous on American Resorts Association

We owned a timeshare for many years and thought this was something of the same. It is not we found that we got more places available and lower prices. Our timeshare cost over 20k this membership was a lot less. The best part is we find it so much cheaper because the fees are less and if we don't go we don't have to pay 750.00 per year in maintenance. Also bonus we can use hotels and any other types of travel without being locked into any location.

by Nicolette G Austin TX on American Resorts Association

I love the easy way of booking, just found a great hotel for a few nights in downtown Calgary at a better rate than anywhere else. It's so easy to book not only resorts at fantastic hot prices but also car rentals, hotels, plane tickets! Members since 2008, and loving it!

by Jennifer and Peter From Dallas TX on American Resorts Association

When we first bought the membership, we felt a little nervous like we made a mistake The staff at American Resorts Association were very hands on not like internet sites. The got us a two-bedroom in Puerto Vallarta for around $500.00 the resort was massive with eight swimming pools and a lazy river. We took side trips and had a great time. They do have the best staff.

by Naomi Sc. on American Resorts Association

The customer service I received at American Resorts Asso. from a representative name Elanna, not sure is spelling is correct, was amazing. She did everything she could to try to find me a place on the Gulf Coast of Florida. My travel days are horrible because I have to fly on specific dates and it is also last minute. Her service was so very much appreciated. This is precisely why I am a Vacation Club owner! I will be checking back in the fall to take another vacation. Thank you!

by Jenifer TX on American Resorts Association

You can't beat the Hot Week prices at $398! I have been totally blown away with the size and quality of the resort suites. I can't wait to go on my next vacation! Thank you

by Doug M. on American Resorts Association

Been a member since 2008 and have had many fabulous holidays in a beautiful 2 bedroom, 2 bath, full kitchen and patio overlooking the lake right next to Disney World. The prices are fantastic! Love it.

by Jon P from Bend Oregon on American Resorts Association

American Resorts Association was great getting me a great condo in Orlando. We stayed only minutes away from the theme parks and was happy that it had a kitchen. Our children are 9 and 12, and they eat all the time having the ability to leave the park rest and relax and make a few sandwiches then return made it so much more worth it. Sure beats staying in a hotel.

by George on American Resorts Association

We just came back from a Bahama cruise. Was great we got an upgrade to a larger cabin. The staff was very nice and pleasant to deal with. I would book a longer cruise next time 3 days was not enough.

by Pat on American Resorts Association

A quick review on American Resorts Association from our recent experience in Nuevo Vallarta (the NEW part of Puerto Vallarta MX. We were in line at the airport at 4:30AM Friday to catch our USAir flight. It was canceled due to nasty weather the day before. The other flights were full with no options that day. We were tried, frazzled and yes, rather cranky!! In a mild panic, I called ARA as soon as the offices opened. Not wanting our reservation at the Grand Mayan to be canceled as a no-show, I spastically said "HELP!" Debbie calmed me down (thank goodness) and said she'd resolve everything with the resort....and she promptly did! Whew...we were beyond relieved. After several calls, all was in place for us. Monica (another great gal) even managed to reschedule our shuttle to the resort. We had fresh copies of everything to print out at our Holiday Inn (they got us checked back into the room we checked out of 5 hours prior!) It was a bad experience at the airport - but the people at ARA really deserve their "gold crown" for customer service on this one! Thank you all.

American Resorts Associations is an established leader in providing luxury travel accommodations to its members all over the world. The experts at American Resorts Associations are knowledgeable and helpful when it comes to assisting in your travel planning and booking.

At American Resorts Associations, we understand that not everyone wants to travel the same way to the same places. Our wide variety of members have varying needs on a trip to trip basis. Sometimes they may be looking for a romantic weekend getaway for two, other times they may be looking to travel to celebrate some significant occasion with family and friends, or maybe they want to take off by themselves for either business or personal reasons. The reasons people choose to travel as unique as the traveler themselves.

That is why American Resorts Association offers a variety of membership packages to suit everyone. If it is just you traveling alone, smaller rooms or suites in four or five-star establishments may be all you will ever need. If you have a couple of kids, you may be more interested in condo-style accommodations that include a full kitchen and room for everyone to spread out.

American Resorts Association
American Resorts Association
The other great thing about booking the multi-bedroom units is that they are usually located at resorts that have a significant number of additional amenities such as pools, restaurants, bars and sometimes even activity clubs for the children.

Many of the resort stays offered through American Resorts Association may also be used by other family members and friends for the same low booking price. So if you wanted to celebrate someone’s birthday in Orlando, you can request multiple units and take the more of the extended family with you. With these condo-style accommodations including fully equipped kitchens, there can be tremendous savings in just not being forced to eat out three to four times a day. Some travel studies have proven that the average family of four traveling for more than five days will spend more on eating out than any other cost associated with vacationing.

Call American Resorts Associations today! Our travel experts are happy and willing to answer of all of your travel and membership questions and maybe even give you some advice you didn’t expect.


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