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American Resorts Association members have always had the privilege of exploring exciting destinations around the globe and Panama is one of them.

American Resorts Association offers its members chances of making the most of their vacations by providing affordable deals to the best accommodations complete with the best privileges and amenities included.

American Resorts Association members, state that your Panama vacation can never be complete without visiting the Gatun Locks of Panama. Our friendly travel experts offer guests to get a chance to opt for Gatun Eco-Adventures which provides you with all the elements of entertainment, enjoyment and recreational activities that you are looking for.

It is the perfect vacation destination for people who want to spend family vacations with their loved ones as this also gives them the chance to foster their relationships in a more secure manner.

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Most members suggest that if this eco-adventure does not fulfill your lust, you may choose from numerous condos that will be sure to please all of your party.

Along with the several species of plants and animals especially the chimps, preservation of the environment and biodiversity that is promoted here, trekking along the mountainous terrain of Boquette village is another adventure in itself. Wake up in the mornings to the aroma of coffee, flower and fresh fruit farms surrounding you and dare to bathe in the fresh streams nearby.

Aesthetically minded guests also enjoy their trips to the main tourist attraction of the Colon Free Zone which is a walled city within a city. The Colon Free zone has the largest duty-free zones in the Northern hemisphere and you can shop with to your hearts desires.

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You can also enjoy an excursions cruise and explore the sea around Colon canal. The Modern Cruise ship port Colon 2000 is another main attraction that all American Resorts Association guests surely never miss.

American Resorts Association guests who are looking for complete relaxation and want to wash away their worries with the waves of the Panama Sea can have the most promising vacation free from the friction of the busy city life. Portobelo-San Lorenzo, Colon is a must-see location for the guests of American Resorts Association as it is the best example of 17th and 18th-century military architecture.

This sure is a real treat for the historians as it’s the fortified site which sets the perfect standard of the defense system built by the Spanish Crowns to protect the world trade system.

Our travel experts always recommend recreational activities that keep your kids busy when you want to have some spare time for yourself, and these are beautiful features that give you the value for being a member of American Resorts Association.

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