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American Resorts Association states that Calgary is the biggest and the most exciting city of Alberta Province.

This marvelous city is wholly packed with a mesmerizing and exotic landscape. This city is famous throughout the world because of its exciting and thrilling adventure sports and eco-tourism options.

Panorama of Calgary downtown skyline

Calgary celebrates many festivals and offers many recreations that people can take part in, and this is actually what differentiates it from other holiday destinations. Accommodation is also never a problem in beautiful Calgary as there are many budget-friendly options to choose from. Tourist can get the best exchange rates from the banks so it will be in their favor if they change the currency at the local banks.

ride in the amusement park at the Stampede at Calgary in Canada.

The Calgary Tower stands out as a majestic structure located in the downtown area of Calgary. It is the best place to enjoy a scenic view of the Rocky Mountains, and there is a very special torch placed there that is lit on festive occasions find more. The Calgary Tower is a Planetarium and the tourist love to view its remarkable exhibits that help them to learn a lot about the universe.

Chinatown on Second Avenue

American Resorts Association recommends the thrill-seeking tourist to enjoy Calgary Stampede, which is the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth. Calgary is famous for its Agricultural Fair, which also holds a Rodeo show that is an adrenaline rush for the adventurous tourists. A visit to the Calgary Zoo is must for the families looking for fun and educational experiences for their young kids. The Calgary Zoo is a combination of a Botanical Garden and a Pre-Historic Park and turns out to be quiet an enjoyable experience for the excited kids.

American Resorts Association members enjoy an early morning walk on its waterfront area and even love to eat breakfast at its great Cafes. This indeed turns out to be a kind of unique experience that all tourists love.

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