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American Resorts Association members are always looking to explore new and exciting destinations. The wonder of Bryce Canyon, which is an extremely sought-after vacation destination. Although it is not listed as one of the natural wonders of the United States, it very well could be as its scenery speaks for itself.

American Resorts Association recommends visiting Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah.

Bryce canyon in state of Utah USA

Perhaps overshadowed by the nearby Grand Canyon, this National Park should draw your travel attention as well. The tremendous pillar-laden canyon rivals any of the great natural wonders of the United States, or the Americas for that matter.

American Resorts Association top choice bucket list destination.

Massive towers of sandstone from the desert floor and form the grand canyon’s base.

The stone of the valley holds tightly to rich geological character formed in varying shades of reds, yellows, oranges, and browns which seem to glow in the midday sun.

Bryce canyon panorama

The canyon manages to slip through many tourist’s radars, as the majority of vacation plans focus around on Grand Canyon, but it should not move through yours. It is one of the very surreal places on Earth that manages to take traveler’s breath away.

Such an expansive area of an incredible looking landscape can often lead us to wonder whether we’ve landed on another planet.

It is a fantastic sensation that quite a few American Resorts Association members have already felt. The moon-like canyon can have people staring at it with a child-like curiosity, shares from our travel experts. As they gaze at the pillars of stone, they can often find themselves pointing at different rock formations and describing what it is they look like, as we usually do with the clouds.

Unlike the shadows, however, this valley does not change with the winds. Physically it stays the same, but as the light turns, so do the look and feel of the high valley. Such a beautiful National park could only be carved by the hands of nature over thousands of years of work.

If the Grand Canyon is in your vacation plans, why not stop by Bryce Canyon as well? It is places like this that make you realize how many beautiful destinations we still have yet to discover, or are however even to know exists. It is destinations like this that keep pushing us to be amazed, to be wowed, to be left in the state of awe.