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American Resorts Association highlights Oceanside, California for its average daily temperature and beautiful atmosphere. It averages around 70 degrees year round, dipping to the 40’s at night and rising to an average high of 77 during the daytime.  This is perfect for a traveler looking to miss the winter snow this brutal winter.

Visit Oceanside’s three and one-half miles of beach while most people are shoveling snow.

Oceanside, California is famous for its pier. It is the longest in the west. American Resorts Association recommends visiting it if for no other reason than the exercise one will get from walking it. The walk will be shared with pelicans and other seabirds. The view of the ocean presented while walking around the pier will delight all.

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Visitors might see a whale breaching the waves or a school of dolphins frolicking.  The dock is also a favorite fishing spot. No license is required to fish off the pier so grab a pole which is available for rent at the pier as well as bait.

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American Resorts Association notes that visitors of the pier will see surfers and body boarders. This place is famous for the variety of surfing it provides.  All the gear needed to join them is available for rent right near the pier. So get on a scuba suit, grab a board and play.

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