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American Resorts Association Describes a Lovely Trip to Venice

American Resorts Association understands that Venice is a magnificent city that can feel almost like a dream world. A world of beautiful lagoons passing through the historic sites makes it even more dramatic in the night. People usually visit this place for their honeymoon to add more romance to their love story.

You can plan to enjoy this wonderful place either in the late spring season or in the early summer where you will have minimal inconveniences because these are the most pleasant seasons there.

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Travel experts know that it can be a little busy with tourists so you might have to wait a bit for some of the museums.

From October through January it is not recommended because it is the high water season and flooding can occur. Although there will be many festivals celebrated here by the locals of this city. Tourists often like to stay there for extended vacations to truly experience them. They want to celebrate carnival.

In this everyone wears a mask and dances the whole night. It comes around every February. Another exciting activity will be the art showcase where tons of tourists come to join.

Before visiting this fantastic place, either consults an expert tourist or a travel agent to get the proper information regarding the trip to Venice.

American Resorts Association understands that if you make the journey, you are sure to love it.

Venice is a city that is like no other. The beauty of St Marks Square and all the little side streets and Murano glass vendors it is considered to be one of the most romantic cities of all time.

When sitting in one of the many cafes and bistro’s on the main square be sure to ask for a Spritz.

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This seems to be the most popular drink in Venice. Two parts Prosseco and one part Aperol an Orange bitter mixed with some simple syrup make this a deliciously refreshing drink as you sit and watch the sites and people walk on by as you also take it the magnificent places of the history and charm Venice is famous for.

There seem to be many places that are worth returning to as we have a whole world to choose from. The charm of Venice will always hold a special place in your heart and have you longing to return.

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