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American Resorts Association recommends a vacation to the gorgeous resort town of Playa Del Carmen.

Located on the Caribbean Sea in the state of Quintana Roo, it is a favorite vacation destination of numerous members.

American Resorts Association knows that lovers of the sea will be in paradise in Playa Del Carmen.

This exclusive locale has some of the best diving in the world. The sea is full of colorful and vibrant marine life and stunning underwater caverns.

American Resorts Association Visits Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

American Resorts Association loves that there are so many incredible adventures to be had in Playa Del Carmen. Travelers should walk through the awe-inspiring Jungle Place Sanctuary and say hello to the playful spider monkeys that call it home.

There are ancient ruins to be seen at the Coba Mayan Village. Playa Del Carmen is a blend of rustic cultural history and modern luxury. After a night of shopping and nightlife, travelers can relax on one of the beautiful white sand Caribbean beaches.

American Resorts Association members love the charm and ambiance of Playa. It not only is colorful yet it is very laid back and a great place to go and get unstressed. Life is short and taking vacations and staying in Cancun then making a day trip to Playa is popular. Many of our members get the resort in Cancun for such a great price that they can overnight and make it a full day and a half. Adventures are always fun, and with American Resorts Association they are still hassle-free with only the very best service.

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