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While you are traveling with your friends or vacationing with your family, American Resorts Association offers something for everyone with ample opportunities for you to enjoy fun, romance or relaxation.
American Resorts Association would like to share a glimpse of Maui; the Valley Isle of Hawaii, with its four dormant volcanoes, beautiful cascading waterfalls, lush green rainforests and miles of beautiful beaches surrounded by live coral reefs. There are endless opportunities for activities to enjoy while holidaying in Maui and you can even get your dose of privacy in a secluded cove, which is never hard to find in the area.

American Resorts Association advises its guests visiting Maui, to explore and discover the two most famous natural formations; The Nakalele Blowhole which is the creation of the ocean wearing away the shore right below the lava shelf, and Dragons Teeth which was carved when the forces of nature collide at high speed as the lava of the West Maui volcano poured into the ocean the wind forced it back and collided to form the Dragons Teeth.

American Resorts Association Offers You A Glimpse Of Volcanic Formations In Maui 3

Nakalele blowhole

Tourist traveling to Maui for all types of attractions whether it is seeing the Humpback Whales or for physical challenges like hiking a Canyon or Biking down a volcano Maui will be pleased with Maui. The islands natural beauty, its massive volcanoes and its wonders are the results of its explosive creation. You can even explore the beautiful island at your own pace by renting a car and driving at your leisure.

American Resorts Association Offers You A Glimpse Of Volcanic Formations In Maui (1)

Humpback Whales

American Resorts Association recommends their guests not use plastic bags while in Maui as they have been banned and replaced with recyclable paper bags. These are offered free and are safe for the environment, to help conserve the islands beauty for future generations. So we as citizens of this world should play our part and join the green revolution and save the beautiful planet for the benefit of those yet to enjoy it’s wonders.

American Resorts Association believes Maui is the perfect choice and is ready to deliver you the famous tourist attractions right in paradise so that you can have the most fun-filled holiday experience and create amazing family memories.